Types of Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance as the name suggests runs for a specified period of time. This is the term of the policy. These are the most affordable life insurance polices that you can buy.
The term can run for any period of time your specify and as such they are often used to cover mortgages or debts.

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Permanent Life Insurance

These types of polices as the name suggests are permanent as the name indicates. They are also know as whole life policies. They run until the life assured dies, stops paying the premium or en-cashes the policy early for the sum of money built up within the policy. Because of this reason, they are more expensive than term life polices but can also be used as saving plans.
There are numerous different versions of these permanent life policies depending on the investment attribute attached to the policy and this should be considered carefully.

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and fine print

One thing to look for is of course the fine print, you will find lots of quote services online and they will give you choices and flexibility making it more attractive and cheap, be warned you don't want to read the terms of service or policy after the fact. This has happened and we advise once you find a policy or plan that fits your needs or budget have a lawyer look over the policy and explain it to you in simple terms or 'what happens if' terms.

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Online Term Insurance
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