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Where to get life insurance online?

By searching the internet for insurance companies offering online quotes.
You can also let online search sites, like this one. Enter your zip code and let the Insurance Companies with the cheapest quotes in your location bid for your business. Don't forget that insurance companies want your business. People tend to forget this and go with the first quote they obtain. Shop around and obtain at least 3 quotes in order to compare the costs and benefits.

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What is Term Life Insurance?

The term 'Term Life' causes a lot of confusion.
An insurance policy that runs for a specified period of time , or term, is called Term Life. When the end of the period is reached, the policy expires and the life insurance ceases. There is no build up of cash value and the policy only pays out if death occurs during the term of the policy. Because there is no cash value and no cover for the whole life of the insured, then the cost or premiums are much lower. This makes this type of policy far more cost effective for those seeking life insurance for a specified period of time or for families just starting out.

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No medical required

Not everybody wants to take a medical for a number of reasons. It may be down to time constraints or personal reasons. However, you should not let this put you off. Some insurance companies will offer life insurance without the need for medical exams.

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Online Term Insurance
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To compare term life insurance quote's from the top ten insurance companies in your location, enter your zip code below and see how much you can save.

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