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What is Term Life Insurance?

If we had a crystal ball and could predict the date of our death, then life insurance would be easy! We could take out the insurance a few months prior to that date and we would take it out to cover us up-to and just past that date! We are protecting ourselves for a period of time. A limited term and this is what Term Life insurance is. It provides life insurance for a limited period of time, even though that term could run to 30 years if we so wished.
At the end of the specified time period, or term, the life insurance expires. Hence the name, Term Life. Therefore the insurance companies risk is reduced as they are only providing the life insurance for a time limited period. These types of policies create the most affordable term life insurance polices for smokers.

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Affordable Life Insurance

Term Life insurance is the most affordable life insurance for smokers. Buying it online makes perfect sense as Life Insurance companies provide life insurance quotes online as part of their core business model. By doing this they are able to reduce direct costs (such as branch overheads) and pass these savings on to the consumer through reduced premiums. As with all businesses Life Insurance companies have to attract new business. They do this by offering competitive premiums to a sector of the market that they wish to attract. By offering affordable term life insurance quotes to smokers. This is a market that they want to attract! As with any other business online, the consumer looks around for the most competitive deal to save them money.
Remember the life insurance premium is typically paid monthly. By saving a few dollars each month, compared to other quotes, imagine how much you will save over the term of the policy!

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No medical exam

Being a smoker, there is no need to worry about a medical exam. Depending on your overall health some companies will provide life insurance to smokers with no medical exam.

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