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What is Term Life Insurance?

Many people ask the same question when looking at Life Insurance. What is Term Life Insurance? and how does it compare to whole life insurance?
In easy terms, Term life covers you for a specified period of time (the term). Term life is typically used to provide cover for a specified period of time, e.g. a mortgage. It is also used for guaranteed life polices and provides a very cost effective way of providing life cover.
Whole life insurance covers the insured for the whole of their life. The insurance company knows that at some point they will have to pay out. These policies are also called Permanent Life Insurance. Typically these polices are more expensive than Term Life Insurance polices. Depending on the type of Whole Life policy taken out it may contain an investment element that builds a cash value within the policy that can be accessed when required. This of course adds to the premium. Whole Life policies are more expensive than Term Life policies but do not expire and hence have no different renewal premium.

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All life insurance quotes should be free, you should not have to pay someone for their time just to quote you on a life insurance policy! The companies we deal with, will not call you back and provide an instant quote online!
Your time is important and should not wasted talking to insurance companies. To find affordable life insurance online without the hassle of insurance companies calling you, enter your zip code and compare the premiums.

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No need
for a Medical Exam

Worried about having blood taken? Blood pressure a bit high? Could do with losing some weight? There are numerous reasons why people dont want to have to go to the trouble of having a medical exam. Some people are too busy to find the time to attend or the mere thought of one scares them so much that they will put off taking out term life insurance. This should be no reason to put you off obtaining a quote, as many companies will provide life insurance without the need for a medical exam.
For people who are worried about an existing medical condition there is the option of guaranteed life insurance. These types of plans are expensive and the amount of life insurance that you can obtain is limited. However it does allow the policy to be provided on the basis of a few medical questions, with no contact to your doctor.

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To obtain an affordable term life insurance quote from the top ten insurance companies in your location, enter your zip code below and see how affordable it really is.
It is important that you obtain at least three different term life insurance quotes to ensure you obtain the best value for money. You should check the benefits and costs of each quote to make sure they match what you are looking for. What ever policy you consider to be most appropriate ensure that its is affordable and within the budget you have set aside for its purchase.

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